Catholic Prayers for the New Evangelization

"Catholic Prayers for the New Evangelization"

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Attack on Morality: Phase 2

People of love, goodwill and faith across America have good reason to be concerned about the path on which our country finds itself. Mounting evidence clearly indicates disregard for human life on the part of our government. The previous ban on embryonic stem cell research – which involves the creation, manipulation and destruction of human persons in the embryonic stage and yet has shown no scientific benefit – has been reversed. The Mexico City Policy has been rescinded so that our tax dollars may be used without our consent to promote the killing of innocent children through abortion in foreign countries. President Obama has a 100% approval rating from Planned Parenthood, an organization whose policies are beneath human dignity.
Having established its policies on a course toward indifference to – or even hatred of – the sanctity of human life, the next phase in the administration’s immoral domestic policy appears to be the promotion of sexual deviancy, which likely is itself a step toward the destruction of authentic family life. President Obama, by a presidential proclamation dated June 1st, has proclaimed June 2009 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. While claiming to be directed toward ending discrimination and prejudice – a noble endeavor in itself – this proclamation effectively places government support behind deviant lifestyles and encourages the immoral behavior of “openly LGBT” persons.
Two core issues must be kept in balance here: (1) charity towards all human persons and (2) the preservation of truth and moral values. Christians, and indeed all people of faith, understand that the love and mercy of God is infinite and extends to all persons. Bigotry, hate crimes, and discrimination are unacceptable in a faith-filled, loving, and rational society. Every man and woman possesses dignity because they are created in the image of God. Every person deserves the opportunity to live freely, make the best of their lives, and succeed according to God’s will for them. Persons with homosexual tendencies or those who experience confusion about their sexuality deserve our charity and support, so they can mature and live chaste lives.
At the same time, it is the duty of all people of goodwill to recognize sin and admonish sinners. Men and women who openly and actively participate in the “gay culture” and persist immoral sexual behavior violate God’s eternal plan for human sexuality. Authentic sexual intimacy is the physical expression of the wedding vows of a man and a woman, who in marriage become “one flesh,” and a sharing in God’s action of creating new life. Any act posing as sexual intimacy that is not part of a marital commitment or not open to life is a lie. As we reach out to support and assist others, the most loving action is to tell them the truth and challenge them to change according to the laws of God and nature.
It is vital to the success of the human community that all men and women help to create a society in which relationships and sexuality are experienced in a natural and human manner. Young people especially deserve an environment of love and morality in which they can fully and authentically develop their sexuality, without being forced by peers and the popular media into promiscuous and deviant activity.
People of traditional faith are labeled as hateful bigots for maintaining that homosexual behavior is contrary to divine and natural law. However, preserving this truth is the most loving response faith can provide to our self-destructing society. We are told we must seek common ground with those who stand on the other side of the great divide on social issues regarding human life and sexuality. Yet, fewer people seem willing to open their hearts and minds to the positions of traditional faith. Seeking common ground is no more than a code phrase for the abandonment of faith and the acceptance of immorality.
What is more, the sanctity of life, the definition of marriage as a covenant between a man and a woman, and the truth that sexual activity finds its proper expression within marriage for the union of spouses and the procreation of children, are not merely “religious values.” These are fundamentally human truths and an attitude opposed to the truth is the result of the disintegration of one’s humanity. Continuation on this path opposed to truth will only result in further misery and societal decline. Conversion to the truth about human life and love is the only path to peace in our human community.

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