Catholic Prayers for the New Evangelization

"Catholic Prayers for the New Evangelization"

Check out the revised edition of this exciting and unique prayer book, filled with prayers that are sure to nourish the soul as we undertake the New Evangelization.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

candlelight procession

after attending mass we had pizza for supper and then joined in the nightly candlelight procession. i saw priests and a bishop up front so we we ran up and snuck in. what a blessing that we did. we were able to pray the rosary with our brother priests all around the grounds...and then sit up front on the church steps with the priests for the final prayers. the bishop invited all the priests to join in giving the blessing! its cool to be a priest! :) at the end i asked for the bishops blessing personally...again in latin. jube domne benedicere. it was deeply moving to see all the sick people being wheeled up for the blessing. what a testament to faith and hope that they come streaming in seeking healing! we visited the adoration chapel for a bit. then at eleven pm we oncelebrated third mass and second concelebration mof the day...but

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