Catholic Prayers for the New Evangelization

"Catholic Prayers for the New Evangelization"

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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen! Alleluia!

Our renovation of the sanctuary at Our Lady of Victory turned out gloriously!  Our Lord is again in a place of due honor and prominence in the church.  Praise to Jesus Christ!  See picture below...

Homily of Easter - basic skeleton with ad libitum additions given from the pulpit...

Homily Easter 2013


My favorite saint is Saint John Vianney…the patron saint of priests.


My Confirmation patron…

2011 trip to Ars…


In the rectory I keep a lovely icon of St. John Vianney.

He is depicted in the icon holding a scroll that bears words for which he is famous.


“The eyes of the world see no further than this life…

          but the eyes of the Christian see deep into eternity.”


This morning, the glorious paschal mystery we celebrate

          compels us to see with the eyes of faith

                    and to look beyond what we can perceive by our human senses

and our fallen human nature.

God has become man and has died on the deathbed of the Cross.

A man has been raised from the darkness of death.


This is no mere human reality…

          but instead is a great mystery that transcends time and space…

          breaks the chains of this world’s limitations

          and extends deep into eternity.




Faith in the Resurrection…and indeed the whole Christian life

          requires that we perceive and understand everything

                   in a much deeper and more profound way

                             than the limitations of this world’s chains will allow. 

We are called to see deep into eternity!


We believe in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead…

a mystery…a reality…that is not seen by the world in its limitedness.

We believe in many such mysteries.


This Holy Mass we celebrate is not just what we are doing…

          nor is it merely what can be seen and thus grasped and even manipulated.

Instead we are entering into the Liturgy of the church

and the ceaseless worship of the angels

                   in the eternal banquet of the Lamb of God…

where heaven is wedded to earth.


When we celebrate the Eucharist…the eyes of the world see only bread and wine

          but the eyes of the authentic Christian see deep into eternity

                   and behold the living and abiding presence of the eternal Son of God,

                             the Risen Jesus Christ!


When we hear the Pope and the bishops speak on matter of faith and morals…

          we are not merely hearing the voices of men chattering.

We are hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit…
          who speaks through the Magisterium of the Church.

And we must listen…or we shall answer for having ignored the voice of God!

When we meet another human being…

          we ought not see merely a body to be objectified

          or one from whom we can gain something or whom we can control.


The Christian sees a complete person…created in God’s image

and possessing a great dignity that demands respect and love.


The Christian looks at another person…and sees a soul!


The human person is thus to be respected and valued,

          not fabricated or discarded.


The world sees only this life’s fleeting pleasures…

          what to consume or to wear.

The authentic Christian sees that there is a spiritual dimension to the human person

          and recognizes that life is not complete

                   without a constant relationship with the living God.


That relationship…in its fullness…

includes daily prayer, weekly Mass, and regular confession.

Without these, the eternal, spiritual part within us withers…

          and life becomes increasingly frustrating and overwhelming

                   because we have not allowed God to love and nourish our hearts.


The eyes of the world see the universe as an accident

          but the eyes of the Christian see the detailed and loving plan of the Father.


The Christian life opens our hearts to deeply spiritual and incredibly joyful realities

          and allows us to truly live as people of hope…

                    who know there is more to life than what we perceive at first glance.


Saint Paul says: seek what is above,

live for the things that are above, not the things of earth.


The hope of the Resurrection takes us beyond the easily comprehendible

          to the mysterious and sublime

reminding us that there are deeper realities worth living for.


What we can sense is not all there is.                      

Thus the Christian does not live only to be satisfied by earthly happiness.

From this day on, open your hearts and minds to see what is deeper,

          what has been given by God above,

          what is beckoning you to live for eternity.


The life of the Church has so much to offer to us all…

          peace in relationship with Christ

          joy in loving others in their complete and intricate beauty

          freedom in embracing the truth.


This morning, the Risen Christ beckons us…one by one…

calling us to see with the eyes of faith…

to seek higher realities…

          and to gaze...this day and always…deep into eternity.


1 comment:

flordelisa said...

Amen! Beautiful inspiring homily Father! The tomb is empty, Jesus is truly risen as He promised and through our "eyes of faith" our hearts are then filled with hope and peace that He will be with us now and waiting for us in eternity.The resurrection shows that the love of Jesus is a love with a future and that future is eternal life. Jesus' resurrection shows that love, God's Love, is stronger than death. He rises from the dead so that those who believe in him and die to sin with him may also arise with him and live forever with him.
ALLELUIA!that Jesus is in our midst in every celebration of the Eucharist.This is why, I love the Eucharist and see to it to be in every chance to meet Him there!